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With every Duke of Edinburgh course we run, there are so many great dishes. So here is another favourite of mine, easy and especially useful if you’re not feeling like eating a lot, or are perhaps on a vegetarian diet, as you can simply exclude the Parma ham. The dressings go so well together and the coleslaw can be made to accompany anything else you want to have with the salad (meats, pastries, etc.)
As well as this, the recipe works well to adaptation so you can use up seasonal veg you have like beetroot, giving the salad both, more colour and flavour. The mixed green salad recipe is therefore very versatile and any added extras like fruit or nuts are sure to go well with it, so be adventurous!

mixed green salad recipe

Mixed green salad with citrus dressing

Seasonal leaves or baby spinach, garden herbs
¼ cucumber
½ avocado
2 Serrano or Parma ham slices, chopped pistachios

75ml olive oil. 50ml              Balsamic vinegar
Juice from ½ lime
¼ tsp mustard


Wash the leaves and pat dry. Remove the seeds from the cucumber and slice. Cube the avocado.
Place the ham on a tray between 2 sheets of paper and top with a weight to keep flat. Bake at 190 degrees until crispy.
Prepare the lime dressing by whisking the ingredients until and emulsion is formed.
Gently heat the balsamic vinegar in a small pan until it becomes syrupy.
Assemble the salad and lightly coat with both dressings. Top with crumbled ham and chopped pistachios.


¼ Red cabbage
2 Carrots
½ Red onion
Lemon juice


Grate the carrot. Finely slice the onion and sprinkle with salt to remove the bitterness. Cut the cabbage into
ribbons and combine the vegetables with the mayonnaise, lemon juice and seasoning.

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