Serves 4

300g of pork mince
2 limes, or less depending on taste
4 shallots
1 small red chilli, or 2 depending on your heat tolerance
5 tbsp of fish sauce
1 handful of mint

Toasted rice powder
200g of sticky rice, cooked


To make the toasted rice powder, toast the sticky rice in a dry pan until it changes colour and loses any moisture, then grind into a powder using a mortar and pestle. This will make more than is needed for this recipe but can be used in other Thai dishes.
To make the larb, dry-fry the meat in a very hot pan. You want some dried and burnt bits here to add flavour. Add a splash of oil if needed, then turn off the heat once the liquids have evaporated
Add 1 tbsp of the chilli powder, some sliced red chillies (as many as you can handle!), the sliced shallots and mint. Stir in the rice powder, fish sauce and a few lime wedges (the wedges are stirred into the mix rather than served on the side)
Stir well and serve, you’re looking for a spicy, sour and savoury combination of flavours.
Serve in lettuce leaves with coriander.

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